Saturday, February 07, 2004

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today was FANTASTIC to say the least. and a great part of it is cos of DESMOND YEO! =)
it was delta/foxtrot 51/03 commissioning ball at swiss o'tel the stanford, and i went as des' date.
let me tell you how it all went. right from the start.

des went over to scotts and wm's houses while waiting for me to prepare, which took a mother long time, i dunno why. even preparations for my sisters wedding didnt take that long. perhaps its due to the fact that i didnt do my nails the night before. gals, and guys, if u want to do your nails for an event, rule number 1 is to not forget that you have an event to grow them out for. number 2, you have to paint them like... a night or two in advance, cos freshly painted nails, esp if u do them yourself, look like crap.
anyway, i dashed around trying very hard to get ready fast.
then i went out of my house straight into the cab that he had waiting there for me. =) and he opened the door for me and presented me with a bouquet of flowers. hehheh... now, i am definitely not a typical gal, and i definitely do not like flowers especially much. but i was so impressed! des, so gentleman! totally thoughtful. perhaps it was cos i really wasnt expecting it see... thats why it touched me so much. *everybody, go -awwwwwwwww-"*
then... he tells me that i look like lana lang. hahaha... thats a pretty ridiculous statement, but he said it so earnestly! sorry ms kreuk, if ure reading this... but well... =)) what gal doesnt like to be told that she looks like the most gorgeous lady in the world? even though if that gal is really, quite a big boy at heart.
well, brought me to the hotel room, met his platoon mates and their gates. (GATEs??? dates!!!) i'm sleepy. excuse me.
and the view was fantastic. room 5667. meaning, it was on the 56th floor. excellent. i could have sworn that i could see the moe building at buona vista from there...
anyway, dinner was really fun, had all kinds of silly games, the flying dutchman mceed, and his voice is really good. and he was really funny too...

and my mum is knocking on the door telling me to sleep and i should cos its 3am and i have training at 930.
update tml before my head gets chopped off!

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