Thursday, February 26, 2004

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yeo : hi, welcome here... thats the only incident where i got to see what he was like... he never taught my class or anything, but i do know many who were totally fond of him... that incident is firmly planted in my mind... and i guess thats how i'll always remember him as. a motivator.

ming : relak lah, i bought you a copy already. u owe me 5 man. haha... if i'm richer by the time you get back, maybe i'll give it to you... esp after u spent 2 bucks on a hideaki pic for me...

yan : you crazy pig... i will try to go out... but the next couple of weeks are really really... busy for me... you told nick i broke my leg? the cat quite cute rite... thought of you immediately when i saw it.

sue : hehheh... how? got see yet? its not very nice, i would say... its just the prestige of being in that mag lah... =p


i am feeling extremely chi2 dun4. i cant believe that i discovered jay chou like... 3 years late... been on a recent downloading spree looking for links on the web rather than relying on kazaa. and ive found a couple of sites that are pretty good. alot of mtvs, remixes, live stuff... d/led this live bit on him playing the piano and singing.

let me digress. what caught my attention about jay is that his style is so totally different... but what impressed me was that he plays instruments. himself. while performing LIVE. what really tipped the scale in his favour, was that he writes his own lyrics (granted, not all, but... most, i would say. ) AND composes his own melodies. he even does all this for other singers. to just be known as a singer is so... passe... to be a singer-songwriter, a successful one at that... is really something. what i love about his songs is that he sings about all kinds of things... he has such a diverse style and you really just cant get sick of his songs. there is not a single day that passes since i got "qing tian" that i didnt listen to it, or at least play it on the guitar, or hum it to myself, or think about it. and that was really... many many months ago. his songs grow on you, those that i couldnt appreciate at first, i'm appreciating more and more.

one thing doesnt change though... hes still not very good looking. but he has some terrific angles. the mtv that i just downloaded caught it perfectly. he looks pretty crap face on, unless hes got alot of hair covering his face and maybe a couple of hands as well... but... his side profile... and 3/4 side, is really not bad. esp is shot from the bottom up angle. anyway, at the 56th second, he turns to face the camera in his 3/4 profile and then he blinks... and u can just hear the girls and guys, yes, screaming in the background. [which is pretty grose... and irritating, cos if u go to a live concert and yell and yell, you cant hear a thing he's singing, or playing. which is just a waste of time, cos u want to see and hear his ]
very charismatic. i can say that, cos i found myself smiling stupidly at the screen at the 56th second. and if something can make me smile like that, its worth checking out. helps that i find guys who can play instruments well... interesting? its a sure way to pian xiao nu hai (bluff small girls)... just learn how to play an instrument. and sing ok-ly.
i would say his saving graces are his nose, his jawline, his hair and his side / 3/4 / bottom up good angle. o. add in his "diao" philosophy.

much as i hate to say it (cos i really really dont want to be misunderstood and classified with those screaming girls...), i've fallen into the jay chou trap.


back to more BASE(ic) issues... my foot is in a better looking / feeling back slab. yes. back slab again cos rem i told you it swelled after i fell down? so the doc's giving it a week more to go back to its normal size, before it gets stuck in a cast. got "scolded" for removing my other backslab. hehheh... but really lah. cannot take it.
so, no signing on it for yet another week.

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