Wednesday, February 11, 2004

[ 11022004 9.18pm | electroded ]

right. i am presently electroded. its pretty grose... so grose that i wont post any pics of the electrodes.
went down to physio dept after lecture with paul. anywayz, thats at MD 9. so, we walk around looking for the room we are supposed to be in. then we chance upon an "ANIMAL ROOM". seriously, thats what its labelled. and by the door, was this large cardboard box full of... white rats. white mice. lab rats. watever u want to call them. i was like... great... thats me.
ok. so. after the moment of horrific realisation, we continued looking for the room where i was to be in. went there, they took my fat percentage with 3 different machines. i am pleased to say that i have put on weight!!! (yes, sir, i HAVE put on weight ) i am now 44.7kg. yeah baby. fat percentage is like... 17._, bmi is... forgot and cant be bothered to calculate. then, i have to do a 24hr recall of all the food i ate, and keep a detailed record... for 3 days!!! ahh! those of you who know how freaking much i eat everyday will know what a chore this could be...
then there were some strange psychological questions.... like... do u feel fat? how often do u feel fat? and the like.
and an ECG. that ECG required green electrodes. which hurt to remove. and it was freezing.
after that, the nice girl told me that i had to do a 24hr ECG. AHHHHHHH meaning that now, i'm wearing a variety of coloured wires attached to random electrodes on my chest and carrying a portable ECG recorder thing. and i have to record my every move... zzZz... think i'm damn free... and they only gave me 6 bucks... supposedly for transport. like... ok.
how am i gonna sleep... i sleep on my front... and i cant bathe... i feel so hot so sticky so grose... (yes yes ruyi... i'm full of complaints...)

it doesnt help that when ppl pass me they give my neck a strange look before passing me and laughing unabashedly with their friends. especially the medicine ppl. guess they knew that they were electrodes. so it makes it more ridiculous to them... grrr. at least the man on the street may just think its like... round plasters or something.
got a little tired of explaining what they were and just said "o, its for my heart peoblem" after a while...

"this will teach you not to be so gullible and say yes to strangers." - Tammy's friend.


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