Wednesday, February 25, 2004

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March her world is out! i dont think i look exceptionally good there... but, buy it to support my sister's company! =) its only $5. and its got interesting articles... like... uh... love your vagina, 5 ways to get over him, about women being the breadwinner, and marriages lasting 6 hrs.yup.

i'm on a downloading spree. not from kazaa, but from some strange sites around... like, theres this 9sky one where they let you d/l many many songs, but they are protected, so they expire in 12mths.
then theres this forum where they share jay chou things. =) mtvs, audio files... things like that. damn cool.
o. stop using Kazaa!! they have posted an anti kazaa branch in singapore to crackdown on all you horrible pirates. haha... all us horrible pirates, i mean.

anyway, heres whats on my playlist (repeat mode)

chinese :

jay - wo niu
- ai qing xuan ya
- ni ting de dao
- yi fu zhi ming
- nuo fu
- ban shou ren
- ban dao tie he
- duan le de xuan
- gui ji
- an hao
- wo yuan yi
- ye ye pao de cha

dong li huo che - wai tao

zhang hui mei - zhen shi

david tao - ji mo de ji jie

english :

robbie williams - sexed up

gareth gates - say it isnt so

delta goodrem - lost without you

pay the girl - freeze

c21 - love will never lie

haha. pre-empting time. mich, relax... i can still speak and write english... even though i'm crazilly into chinese pop now.
its just that somehow chinese can elegantly express what would sound damn cheesy in english.

ok. updates on my fat foot.
i fell down twice 3 days ago, so... my foot has decided to swell enormously again. and yesterday i got damn pissed off with the smell and the itch and the heat... so i ripped it off. so i been running around castless. haha... it feels damn good. maybe i can play the match this weekend.
yar right.
anyway, my specialist appointment is tml... tmd tmd... cast for a few weeks... cannot take it off... i'm gonna die... ahhhhhhh.
all in all, its been pretty fun with a cast, except that my mum has gotten damn worried cos i've been running around going out and all... so she grounded me til my foot is better. "..." scared i kill myself or something...
somehow i'm taking things pretty positively. i'm not upset over the loss of my foot... not upset about having to swing around on crutches... not upset about missing training and matches... a little upset about not being able to practice for my traffic police test though... wonder if i'll actually recover in time to sit for the test...
well. thank God for the optimism... in this area, at least. i dont think i'm anymore optimistic elsewhere...

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