Sunday, February 01, 2004

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training, went out, dinner. and an un-up-and-go shen.

training was well... like that. but we had a much needed team talk after that. which was seriously needed. wont say much about it, its for me to know, or rather, us... and not for you to find out. suffice it to say that i think it brought us a step closer, and a notch higher in the morale department. =)
went out. got a bunch of things... no stick bags in tiasa til 3rd week feb!! ahh! means i gotta suffer stick bagless til then... i am going to be frivolous (in geok's words) and get a white one! haha... *bimbo laughter*

dinner at my place was pretty interesting, featuring a mix of people from various angles of my life. had a rather interesting time playing taitee bridge and mahjong. haha... and the guitar.

shen. is a toot. so whats new. well, she owes me one, and hope she and duan had fun at coms ball ;)

realise i havent been discussing issues here, shall consider resuming soon. been a little worn out recently...

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