Sunday, April 04, 2004

[ 04042004 2.38am | wow! ]

todays date is so nice... 040404... the perfect date to ask your girl to be your stead. at 04.04 am. or pm.
how significant! plus, 4 sounds like "die" in chinese, and chinese dialects. juxtapose that with the beginning of a new life together...


anyway, to the ocs guys who commissioned today, relak... shit happens... at the end of it all though, i'm sure the process of commissioning is enough to overwrite the loss of the parade... process vs end...
cheer up k? i know theres nothing i can say to lessen the sting... but... if i can help in anyway, let me know. ;)


lone rifle : thats the freaking point you see...
I may speak for the guys when I say that our general aversion to parents stems from our fear of getting nuked by them
thats exactly it. why the **** do you have to be so freaking afraid??? is it a crime to like a girl? to acknowledge that a girl comes with a family too? so what if her parents dont like you, at the LEAST, they'll respect you for being able to come clean... no 偷偷摸摸 thing. just pure, open, honesty.
even if they do put you down, its probably a test to see what kind of person you are by how you handle such a situation.

i fear for my generation of guys. and the generations of guys to come.
i fear for us gals too... what kind of cavemen and toads are we gonna be stuck with...


about riches and manners, there is a correlation. particularly if you're talking about the old rich. they tend to stress very much on behaviour, social behaviour and what not. in the case of a less well off family, the main concern is making ends meet, not behaviour.
of course there are exceptions, like, my family. i wouldnt call us old rich, but my parents arent overly concerned with money. they tend to stress alot more on manners, behaviour, self awareness... watever. maybe its also a perspective thing?
but generally, riches and manners come hand in hand. riches, meaning old rich. not bourgeoisie.

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