Monday, April 19, 2004

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ok. i dunno why the blogger banner is in the middle of nowhere. but it looks pretty amusing.


its been an excellent day.
this is one sunday, in a really really long time that i actually didnt dread waking up early and sitting through everything. and i spent an unusually long time in church. was there form 8am til 3 plus.
because i am now involved in a ministry. we are actively fund raising for our trip to indonesia, bandung. we are going under habitat for humanity and we have to raise about 1k per person. this organisation sends volunteers worldwide to build houses for the needy. so i really think this is gonna be an eye opening experience for all of us.
its also a chance for revival... of my relationship with God, with the church, with the the other youth.
pray for me k? fund raising's no joke in a church with a congregation of 200.


spent the night fooling around with microsoft frontpage. i think i'm getting the hang of it. yes dan, i know you're gonna tell me to use dreamweaver. hur... let me start with something less pro first k? and i only have the old version of dreamweaver. so i have to wait for my dad to obtain a newer one.


"guys wish that they will be their gal's first, whereas gals wish that they will be their guy's last."

does this statement hold any water? or is it another of those gender generalisations?
i really dont see why a guy gets to go around and sow wild oats, ruining every girl he comes across, whereas gals have to preserve themselves. i'm not saying that gals should go and sow wild oats. nono.
and i dont think that gals particularly want to be at the end of the f***-chain. [ this happens to be a new term that i have just come up with. i think its pretty self-explanatory. should you have difficulty understanding it, pls let me know, so that i can poke something into your eye. ]
i remember reading something about how a guy wouldnt want his girl to show him what she has learnt from the entire football team, he'd rather show her the ropes himself.

okok. before i digress further, there are 2 things that i am really unhappy about.
1. the damned gender divide on purity
2. the fact that purity is compromised in the first place.


i'm in the middle of revamping my site. i cant figure if i should modify the old look or give it a totally new coat of paint.


the thing about lack of sleep is : the less sleep you get, the more hyper and high and mad you are.
not just that. even though youre tired, you cant sleep. somehow, you will force yourself to stay up and do nonsense like type out blog entries.
maybe its just that i'm screwed up.
perhaps i need some form of release.
why do i so desperately need to write and write... about nothing much... its a compulsion.

hope i'll wake in time for sentosa with mel and ruth. =)

i needa do a timetable for my present week before i forget what my schedule is gonna be like
mon - sentosa, meet haresh
tues - tuition, meet the gals
wed - physio, sign class, mambo with ruth?, send mel off?
thur - sentosa, ronald. kenn's fella?
fri - phuture
sat - swissotel
sun - fundraising. return of the king. lolz.

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