Monday, April 12, 2004

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i am pretty interested to know who reads my blog. how many are friends whom use it to keep in touch with my life? how many are secret admirers seeking to know more about me? (i flatter myself) how many are passers-by who decide that its interesting and then come back often to check things out? (i flatter myself once again) are there enemies (whom i dont know about)?
i dunno. how many ppl are loyal DAILY readers? that would be interesting to know. how many ppl get here by searching for say... Jay Chau?

thoughts sparked off by the jumping counter on my site as well as dan's recent msg telling me he passworded his blog.

plus, i wonder how i write, or rather, what people who read my stuff think. i wonder if it smacks of my nationality, or if its disgustingly primary school, or if it a narcissistic boring daily life kinda thing.
one thing i know, its not a personality quiz site, i know quite enough about myself to post these things incessantly. one or two particularly interesting ones now and then are harmless. a whole site full of them will just piss me off totally.
i'd rather just not write.


its been a pleasantly surprising night. been in an extremely crabby mood the past week or so. i owe it to my stress level which is increasing exponentially. and exceedingly warped sleeping hours, i definitely am living on the wrong side of the globe... my headaches, and the damned exams.
dont believe that i could get that awful? ask the long suffering people around me. like my family. and wm. hur.
sis : "are you ok?"
me : "huh?" *blur look, looking up from a pile of papers*
sis : "you're like a little black cloud in the house..."

but i gotta say that my sis has interesting metaphors. similes.
extremely self centred entry. i feel like the centre of a mandala polity.

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