Wednesday, April 07, 2004

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few of you out there would have known me back in my rgs days... which means, all the guys reading this, except mingwei, and practically all the girls.
for those who did know me back then, even fewer would have known me in sec2.

this is the time frame that my present entry takes place in.
back in 1998, i was a free little twit (ok, i know that a twit is a pregnant goldfish. but i wasnt pregnant, and i'm not a goldfish.) and i was in love.
in love? yeah. for once, i'll admit it.

with birds.

this meant that i travelled everyday from changi, to boonlay, taking 2 buses in the meantime, to arrive at Jurong Bird Park by 8am every morning. meaning, i woke up at 5am everyday and braved a 2hr journey there. for over a month.
thats not love? well. passion, maybe.
but i know some boyfriends who wouldnt be willing to do something like that for their girl.

the following year, in 99, i went back again.
i really loved it there. the people i got to know, the interaction with the birds... i have some really memorable experiences... being footed by a harris hawk, feeding the hoepoe, enticing a lorry to jump on my arm, crickets, mealworms, chicks...

in particular, i liked the Fuji Hawk Centre. i was attached there for quite long... which was pretty unusual.
remember all the lunches at the reptile park... and the arcade... and saving rachael, the time crisis girl... haha...
can remember everything so clearly...
and i was thinking about it last night... and i realised how much i missed that place.
so. i'm gonna call up the community liason officer and ask if i can go back there during my 4mth break. anita's not there anymore... and i wonder if meemee is still taking her place.

thats me with braces... back in... sec 3 i think... with long hair tied in a pony tail and bangs.
how long ago was that.
and thats rocky the malay eagle owl (bubo sumatranus).
its amazing how i remember these things...

wish i could show you jasper. he's totally cute and i really adored him so much. its a collared scops owl.

i have to go back there.

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