Monday, April 26, 2004

[ 26042004 1.31pm | kill.bill.2 ]

it appears that i have forgotten to mention that i caught kill bill2 with mel, mel's friend and shen @ps on sat. it was entirely enjoyable. the storyline was pretty good, and ppl... watch out for the eyeball part. excellent. haha...
less gore, less fighting. explains the new rating "m18".
oh yes. and that i caught starsky and hutch with wm and humpy last week. which was so funny... my goodness. its your typical side-splitter, with lame cracks and all, but done a little better than usual.

intend to catch a few more shows...
.50 first dates
.into the mirror

not showing anymore
.love me if you dare
.zoolander <--- that how u spell it?


i am so tired.
what lies infront of me from today on...

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