Thursday, April 15, 2004

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class 95 : "its called... elevator love. it gets up very quickly."


i have had 5 hours of sleep in the last 2 days. i think i'm about to expire. i had more sleep in school in my 5hr break between exams than i did the night before.
somehow that sentence didnt flow. like all my essay answers.
lets rephrase it using colloquial.
i had a 5hr break in between my exam papers. during which i took a nap. and that nap was longer than my sleep at night.
that wasnt colloquial.


o. science fac tea is THE best. it was so strong that i was hopping til 6am this morn.
but kenn claims that nothing beats 4 cans of coke and 8 fags. haha. something i hope i will never have to try.


the shrey theory.

(meaning shen + reynard theory)

people are organized into a few levels. call it physical stratification if you wish.
the lowest of them is the level of the "plastic surgery also no use".
then comes the large chunk of "the normal".
the apex... consists of "the galaxy".

not in plain enough england?

basically, damn ugly, ok, unreachable.
there is, however, this thin band of people, who border the normal and the galaxy. these are the people who just need slight alterations to attain galaxyhood.

and. these sad unfortunate people, are very likely those who have the needs to proclaim their good looks. ie, they need affirmation and constant assurance that they can make it. they need a constant show, a means to draw notice to themselves... hence the dressing. look around. you'll know what i mean. (*cough*1inchthickmakeup*cough*)

the galaxy, on the other hand, dress in macham with holes, big hair and rotten sandals. and they turn heads cos of their features, which even their disguise cant hide.


k. this is called : damn sleepy.

TING : theres floorball tml in rj at 5.10. drop me a sms to let me know! mel's back btw. and she'll be there. pearl contacted you?

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