Thursday, April 29, 2004

[ 29042004 6.02pm | logic. ]

this is my mum for you.

'eh, you know ah, men's jockeys are super confortable you know! cos theres alot of ball space, so its loose, and the elastic doesnt squeeze too tightly."
so now shes gonna buy jockeys specially for sleeping in.

we were at the robinsons sale you see. at expo. where i saw this ex-rj guy. whose name i cant remember.
gold 90FM was there, music was pretty good
=oh donna
=dying inside to hold you
are two old favourites that i'm determined to re-acquaint myself with.

yeah, sorry wm, i went without you. cos i dunno when we'll be free at the same time again. plus, my mum pays for me.

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