Saturday, April 03, 2004

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its commissioning for the april ocs batch...
i have suddenly been employed to go for coms ball on sunday at ritz carlton. pretty out of the blue.

just back from supper with a great friend. haha. who is a piece of shit. but. anyway.
half the stalls were closed by the time we got there because i was waylaid by a significant other person. so we had supper at like... 3. ok.

issues issues.

1.does upbringing affect a person more than wealth? does good upbringing come with wealth? do you want your boyfriend to treat you? [boyfriend. guys, sorry. i'm a gal, so i can only give things from my perspective]

1. is pretty undecided. there are points for and against... so i cant really come to a conclusion...

2. is a little more clear cut. first on the list is definitely respect. like... "hi uncle, may i take your daughter out tonight? i promise to get her back by midnight."
this. is called : class.
it takes dating to a new level, its serious, its a i'm not afraid of yout parents kinda thing, i'm willing to take all that comes with a relationship, its not selfishly just about the 2 of us, there are family members involved too.
when you have to answer to someone higher up than you, theres a sort of responsibility there. you are expected to take greater care.
i am, admittedly a super independant gal, very... "dont open the door for me, i have hands, i can do it myself", but this isnt just about being treated like a gal, its about respecting me as a person. about taking things seriously. and it reflects upbringing!! and its not about experience either...
do i make sense??

thing is. where do you find someone like this nowadays? most guys will run off at the mention of parents. if not run, then they will at least clam up, and generally be averse to the idea.
well. let me tell all you males this : its very telling. it tells how much you are willing to give, how much you bother. how you view us.

*mutter mutter*
i mourn the passing of true gentlemen.
society nowadays is way too mercenary for words, so much so that they've neglected to grow as humans.


watched passion of Christ with my aspi who is presently posted to OCS =) congrats aspi... and i hope to see you one sat soon. and u should be very honoured, you're the first to go out with me after i removed my cast.
the show is very, for people with background knowledge. it seems to me that mel gibson, being a catholic, has placed alot of emphasis on mother mary. she appears alot.
and the cinematography (excuse the spelling) was pretty much like braveheart. like, the devil passes around the crowd very much like how william's wife passes through the crowd when he gets executed. when Jesus was tormented, they showed him on his back, from the chest up. very much like the scene when william wallace gets flayed.
one very beautiful scene was when Jesus died, and theres an aerial view of a falling drop of water. gorgeous. the scene where satan screams after the death is also pretty compelling.


dozey. catcha'll laytuh-

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