Friday, April 23, 2004

[ 23042004 2.23am | dubious. ]

every now and then, the rare gentleman comes along and scares you.


there was a guy at raffles city, who was digging at his ass non-stop. it was really really off cos he was really going at it in full view. granted it was 10pm and most people had left. but still. thats what toilets are for.
after he dug his fill, he waddled off looking like he has potatoes in beween his legs.
then he proceeded to scratch his head with the same hand that he used to dig at his butt.
it was damn funny. mer and i were collapsing behind the pillar, deciding if we should yell
"itchy ah?"
"need help not?"
"wah... shiok ah!"

its unglam. ppl, pls, dont scratch your butt in public.


thinking about dubious unglam things...
back in rj, we, a03d and a03c were squashed into a TS. it was totally silent as we prepared ourselves for the common test.
in the midst of enjoying the silence before the storm,
chong geng lets rip an enormous fart.
it was so loud i thought it was the chair leg on the floor.


or max... jumping straight up into a TS roof beam from a chair while trying to WWF a bunch of sprawling a03d boys on the floor...

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