Tuesday, April 06, 2004

[ 06042004 12.10am | variegated ]

i feel like a variegated creeper. and i dont mean that i want to eat one.
dont ask me what i mean.

i think i miss my long hair.
1. my short hair is growing out, and is hence becoming irritating and difficult to style. not that i style it much.
2. i cant tie it back, and i cant use metal hairbands. because i'm allergic to impure metal. i just put on my metal hairband for 10 mins 2 days ago and it itched me til i woke up scratching. and only those type of sprial metal hairbands would hold my hair now.
3. it kept the back of my neck warm. esp when the air-cons everywhere are so freaking cold. mad. go live in the arctic lah.
4. cos it looked interesting in the photos i've been looking through.
5. its easier to maintain than short hair. really. no need to brush and i wake up and its obediant and flat, cos its so long and heavy.
6. you can do more things with long hair than short, like... interesting chopsticks in the hair things and tying it up... and such.

it doesnt mean that i will grow my hair out.
i cant take the length after a while and i'll chop it off before long. haha... sorry for the pun.
my hair life has been a series of ups and downs. the minute it hits below the shoulder, i start getting pissed with it. my pissed state will last for about 6mths or until i have the spare cash to cut it, or til i cut it myself.
and, long hair is such an overrated sexy gal thing. stereotypes are meant to be avoided.

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