Wednesday, April 21, 2004

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what about it? it collapsed.


anyway. heres my top 5 most disgusting couples to see together, pdaing in town.

5) when the couple is really young.
4) where the gal is way taller than the guy.
3) the gal is damn alot chio-er than the guy is yandao. (and vice versa)
2) when they are fat ass ugly.
1) a mix of all the above.

i'm a bitch todae. sorry. been in a fantastically bitchy mood recently. just ask shen. or ruth. i have no idea why.
dont get offended with me ok? i'm sure all you disgusting couples reading this have fantastic characters. its just... i dont know you. and i may end up being stuck in one of those disgusting couplehood relationships anytime in future. one never knows. when that happens, i'll try to keep myself off the streets. and u will be welcome to bang me on your blogs about it.

[actually, the beauty about relationships like that, with the exception of no. 5, is that you can be sure that the couple really likes each other... its more than skin deep.

in the meantime,
just dont pda. pls. save that for homes and private spaces.
pda is a nono. pls...

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