Sunday, April 25, 2004

[ 25042004 12.41am | dastardly. ]

pretty pissed off.



place : zouk / phuture
time : 11pm - 2/3am
day : friday, 23rd April 2004
with : melmel, mer, des foo, natasha, fay chin, her cousin, her cousin's friend (dont want to spell the names wrongly see)
event : fay's cousin's 19th bdae (which is on sun)

had a kahlua milk. which was nice and weak. cos i cant take alcohol.
(btw, the legal drinking age in the US is 21 if i'm not wrong.)

escapade 1:
there are buggers who keep dancing close and pushing us off our turf. so we get pissed off. hence, we devise a plan to keep our ground.
step 1 - melmel squeezes guy's butt
step 2 - melmel squeezes guy's butt somemore
step 3 - guy turns around to take a look
step 4 - i give guy a grin
haha... so what happens is i either get a shocked pleased look, or a wth are you up to look.
its damn funny. but we were just asking to get beaten up.

escapade 2:
melmel went back to the bar to get drinks. a shot and a vodka lime. then i went back to the floor thinking he was following. he wasnt.
so. i dance alone, thinking that he'll appear any moment.
he doesnt.
so what happens? i get picked up. but some recruit hair guy. ok.
lesson learnt - gal that dances alone will get picked up immediately.

escapade 3:
melmel challenges me to pick a guy up. and if i do, he'll pick a gal up.
using what i learnt from escapade 2, i edge away from the group towards this spectacle gang. everyone there wears some kind of eyewear. bizzare man.
anyway, on my way there, i run into this malay guy who, according to melmel is called andy, i couldnt really catch his name. he introduces me to his friends and puts a hand on my waist? ok. eek.
watever. too many details.
point is, i succeeded. and melmel played me out by not fulfilling his part of the deal. then, i run back to the safety of the group.

at the end of the night :
this bunch is damn fun to club with man. and fay is damn fun to dance with. so is mel. mer was always off on his own to one side. plus, he was so sober. cos he was driving.
ran into quite a few ppl there, fam's fren dreiser, jason whom i've been running into everywhere... clementi, sakae... gosh. yikley, songting, alim...
happiest bit of info i got : melmel, fay etc play CS! whee!

[yeah man... sorry guys. i'm so tame. but to ppl who know me, would be wondering what the *beep* i was thinking...]

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