Wednesday, March 31, 2004

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my cast is off. i have a very small leg. and i still cant walk properly. tml's driving exam... anticipation... hope my leg can hold up under all the pedal pressing...


just an observation.
ever realise that some people pee really softly on purpose in public toilets? so self conscious. like, they go in, theres no noise, you hear a flush and they're out.
i dunno about guy toilets though... cept that you all flash each other all the time. so i dont think you all will bother to pee softly.


i was reflecting on my uni life so far. and one incident seems to be stuck in my mind...
it was one of the first few floorball sessions, we were having a bonding (yes yes... rj ppl... team bondage eh...) session. one requirement was that we learnt each other's boyfriend's names.
this incident suddenly became pretty important to me cos i have been thinking about relationships and stuff.
the thing about it was, we were all assumed to be attached. it was not just that we should be, but that if we weren't, it'd be weird.
think back to sec school. or perhaps even jc. to be attached then, was like... a wth kinda thing. like... you were the odd one out if you were attached...

its the age. we are old. i have to face facts.

relationships take on a much greater significance at this stage in life. because, we are all assumed to be looking for something serious and long term. hence, parents will step in more. alot more. like, your parents possibly couldnt care less if u were attached in sec school, then now, suddenly, the person isnt good enough for you, how about my friends daughter / son, come from top school, rich family... watever.
-of cos, thats just one type of parents. my parents, are the type who held me tightly on a string in my younger days and presently let me free. hmm... not that they really held me tightly... they didnt really have the need to... anyway...-

are we really meant to be in serious relationships / marriage? is that really what we are meant to do?
Adam and Eve... 2 of them... for life...
is a life long partnership with ONE person really the best thing for humans?
whats more substantial than being ogled at by various men is that you know there is one person who will think you are beautiful even when you're eighty, have morning breath and sagging jowls.
is it?


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