Wednesday, March 24, 2004

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~ 暴风雨

i have gotten my computer to type chinese! whee!!! this is so damn good.
all thanks to my dad the compie geek.

i am suffering from caffeine withdrawal... i cant stand it. its this headachey, dozey feeling... argh. i need a caffeine shot... damn studying. without studying, i wouldnt need caffeine.
but then... i love caffeine.
such is human nature.
we love to do things that are wrong for us, knowing full well that its bad for us.
like eating junk food, like getting suntans, like drinking coffee, like staying up wil 6am everynight, like skipping lectures and rationalising that its cos we need to study.

ok. you get my drift.

had my first circuit lesson today. was pretty fun, cept that i spent the day in gear 1. damn. haha. other than when i was on the road there and back lah. circuit lessons pass very fast, because theres alot of waiting involved, no time to do anything much. like... just went one round... did the stations... and it was time to go back.
$45 just like that.

i really need coffee.

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