Wednesday, March 17, 2004

[ 17032004 2.06am | kill. ]

suffice it to say that i'm moody.
its really not my fault
studying makes me loony.
and i hate it when you dont talk

its on days like this,
when i just wanna shout
dont give me your piss,
just tell me what this's all about

whats in it for me-
other than becoming a crank
all i feel is empty-
like a drained out gas tank

so this is what i feel :
at least just give a shit
show me something real :
that you care a little bit

there's a limit to my patience
stop pushing it so much
before it turns to indifference
and 'heck'. and 'sian'. and such.

*how wm? i'm using different type of inspiration todae. not the sad type. so... what question u gonna pose now...

suddenly i'm noticing many other people who are baikar or baihand walking / hopping around school, with casts, backslabs, crutches and the like.
conclusion? I HAVE SET A NEW TREND!

and. i'm very tired.
bb zy. too tired to cs with you today.
joey - hope u can get the song.

wat else?
see u soon sir.
ming, sorry was away so din reply.
fir - u aint such a smelly cow lah.
kenn : tell me bout the show!

kok. i hate presentations that screw up.

shen is a piece of shit. shen is a piece of shit. shen is a piece of shit.
??? i dunno where that came from.

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