Sunday, March 14, 2004

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pp, visit wm. i think his site could use some publicity. =p hes got tons of insights, which he will pour out online. like... how ppl are dumb cos when they touch something thats painful, they must touch it again to make sure it was pain they felt.

in the meantime though, his tagboard is out of place, but the rest of his site's layout is a million times more sophisticated than mine.
and he says he doesnt know html.

welcome chow. when are we going out with shen?



are : emotional, psychological, and physical.
have you realised that? that one word... encompasses these three facets.
if you need expansion on how it is related to these three sides of a person...
emotion is practically a synonym to feeling., however, says it is :"A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling"
feeling, mental state, physiological changes. emotion. all mentioned in one sentence.
need i explain more?
i do? ok.
feelings are said to happen in your heart. right? think : "heartache" "my heart tells me this is right" "heart pain"
no. your heart is just a lump of muscle thats prone to myocardial infarction, esp if you eat to much fatty shit.
where all this takes place, is inside your tiny head. psychological. pls, dont tell me your heart thinks. if you tell me your spine thinks, maybe. but your heart has no grey matter.
ok? settled?
simple. ask your dad to poke you with a pin.
or, you can ask william hung to "stings like a bee" you.
other than that, when you feel your heart hurting as a result of immense sadness, its your brain manifesting its unrest.

end of the story?
the next time you say i'm feeling... er... hungry? angry? siao? depressed? whatever, think of this discourse and try to figure out if "emotional, psychological and physical" can be separated...
figure out which one starts the chain reaction. wouldnt that be interesting?


on walking.
ever marvelled at how amazing walking is? all you do is put one foot infront of the other and you start moving. ive always marvelled at this small miracle, more so now that i'm immobile.
but its ok. i love my crutches. =) the mechanics of using crutches to move, is so much more interesting than plain walking... you get abs to boot.


enough out of me.
*stuffs a few fingers and toes in my mouth*
o, 4000 hits day is over. looks like i missed noting that day...

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