Thursday, March 11, 2004

[ 11032004 11.35pm | seh.liao ]

spent the greater part of my day mugging. or rather, trying to get down to mugging. thanks to the 2 50c cups of tea i had, i managed to sustain my focus from 5-10. excellent. i must keep up with this. fir, u smelly cow... tell me call u to study, and when i do, u dont turn up. haha.
anyway, is there logic in skipping lectures to catch up on work? cos, if you are already behind on work, and you skip lects... doesnt that give you a greater back log eventually? in the short term, if you are rushing deadlines, i guess its useful... but then, you'll be missing out on more and more...

arts canteen is excellent to study in from like... 7pm on. its quiet, except for wannabe singers and noisy gossipy trios, but they all start leaving from 7 on. and like days todae, its really really cold. haha... better than air con.
hence, i really hope to get a place in hall next sem... so i can move out to study in the canteen at night. and, i better study man. cos if zy and i both get a place in hall... we're gonna be gaming non stop. hoho.

o, ppl, keep off the roads on weds and fris ok? cos i'm gonna be driving around. haha. stay on the highways, cos learner drivers like me, with broken legs, arent allowed on highways.
anyway, theres no rule against driving with this kinda disability right?
in fact, my clutch control is better than before, cos now i'm forced to go really really slowly cos i cant really feel the pressure. last time... its the gung ho give the instructor a heart attack kinda speed parking. lol...
o, it was damn funny... cos i accidentally accelerated around a bend... a 90 degree turn into car park kinda bend... instead of pressing the brake. lol... mr lim was like... AIYO!! and he panickedly grabbed the handle above the door. hahahaha...

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