Sunday, March 21, 2004

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you know what, kids allow adults to look silly, legitimately. ever see parents or an adult capering around goo-gooing at a toddler?
kids bring out the best and the worst in a person. especially if it happens to be your kid.
my tuition kid for example, can really drive me so nuts that i feel like twisting his arm off. but, he also teaches me self control. so, instead of twisting his arm off, i just smack him on his butt. the mother always says i'm way too nice with him. then she'll appear in the room now and then and yank his ears off. haha.


strange how the most unexpected things can make me smile.
guess thats why i'm hard to read and to please and piss off.
cos i am comforted by the strangest things, pissed off by the most unexpected situations, and there's very few things that make me happy.
my life line is pretty flat. its stable, but it takes alot to make it peak or dip. not just alot. there's really few things. and boy are they strange.
so now, i'm sitting in the middle of things... i'm smiling to my computer, but i'm also feeling this immense... down-ness.



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