Sunday, March 28, 2004

[ 28032004 8.53pm | abstinence. ]

zy is a kok. he always scolds me for making him wait and standing him up and whatever. just because he had to wait an hour at kembangan mrt for me to show up. wadeva. patience i say... is a long lost virtue. then right, every night, he says he will meet me online to frag or whatever, then he goes off the gunbound with his gfs or he runs off really early under the pretext of sleeping early for driving. or he gets an overseas call from his gf, which basically means that he stands at spawn point doing nothing (spawn is a computer term for when you become alive again after dying...) and getting scolded by tons of ppl for wasting time.

ok. so now, he scolds me for standing him up last night again... with a new twist.

smilyface says:u AH
smilyface says:last night stand me up again.
sephora says:haha
sephora says:u never fix with me properly wat
smilyface says:its a good thing im not marrying you haha... god knows what might just happen
sephora says:hahahah
sephora says:hahhaa
sephora says:what kind of stupid comment is that???


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