Saturday, March 20, 2004

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happy birthday ruthie dear! last night was really fun... one of those "up and go" days when we just hang out, then decide to stay over last minute and everyone miraculously can.
think my parents are slacker about things like this already. afterall... i am 20 this year. grone.
jon cheng - you are a good guy man... if ruth does anything strange to you tell me. i'll smack her for you.

to find out a person isnt what you thought he was. (i'm gonna use "he" in place of " he / she ", ok, cos its too tiring to keep typing out that long thing.)
to discover that all along, there were things you never knew about this person, that he was so much more complex than he showed himself to be. to find out that he wasnt what he was. is he still the same person?
(sick of using he. shall use she now)
she's an angel, as long as you arent too close to her. she's practically perfect, but you can feel somethings not too right...
call it vibes. you can just tell.
to change, yet revert back after the impetus is gone, was never a change at all.

i'm pretty much in a low. alot of my world views have changed. my cousin actually said i look old today. which is one heck of a statement... its like jes saying i'm guniang.
i've aged.

if i sound so terribly disjointed, its cos i have something that i want to say, but will not voice it out here because this is a public blog.

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