Sunday, March 28, 2004

[ 28032004 7.03pm | horny.idiotz ]

i havent been to check my friendster account in ages. and when i get back, here's what i enounter :

hello... do u mind intro and being fren but 1st i
hope u dun mind my problem...

i found out my this illness when i was having
body check up when i was p6 then doc found out tt
i have problem with controlling my blood flow to
my penis and it cos me to get hard easily and
sometime without reason tt cos me to be easily
horny then now a days it got fr bad to worse...
so i'm very scare... so i hope to find someone
who will dun mind me and willing to care for
me... so do u mind me as fren? i just hope to be
only fren and have someone to tok to abt my
problem as i dun dare to let any of my real fren
know my problem... really hope to see your reply
soon... =|

his account is presently suspended. haha.
its actually pretty funny.

i have a sore throat, for some strange reason... i think i burnt it.

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