Thursday, March 18, 2004

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saw this old man on the mrt fiddling with a handphone... led me to think about what kind of old people my generation would make.
think about it.

old people nowadays are classified as techno unsavvy, internet illiterate, etc etc.
i dont think you can imagine yourself as an old person, being unable to type an sms right!!!
i think... we will be a palm top / lap top carrying, smsing all day long... kinda old people. but by then, newer things would have come out, that the younger generation would be more savvy at than us...
so i guess the measure is not what we do, but how fast we adapt to new things?


oh yeah, and i was asking myself if i mind strange people reading my blog. i think i can answer safely... no. because, i dont write strictly personal stuff here. and i dont think that many people do have this site add anyway. or even if they do, how much stamina can they have... to read through millions of tiny letters... no mean feat.
to read regularly, would drive most people mad.
i dont really think that one can safely deduce what kind of person i am through reading my blog. because, what you see here, is what i portray myself to be. internet is such an interesting medium... its faceless.
at most, you'd be given an insight into the way i think, and you'll get to see the facets of me that i allow you to / construct for you to see.


been on a downloading spree...
check out
its got practically every hot chinese song there.
and they are wma files, meaning they are all damn small!!
but also means that you have to convert them to mp3 if u want to burn them -i think-

current stuck on - qiu ze : dang wo bu zai ba

i've been pretty inspired to mug up my chinese. its pretty bad to call yourself a chinese and then not be able to speak your own language properly.
its... well... embarrassing.
then again, why does race matter?
my tutor was talking about race and ethnicity.
he was from the philippines, and he's of mixed heritage. so when he came to singapore to work, he was asked what his race was on numerous forms. and he just didnt know what to fill in because he had never been confronted with this question before!
he's a fillipina, and i think thats all that matters to him.
why is it that singapore is so particular about race? why is that question everywhere? from signing up for a credit card, to buying a house, to claiming insurance, to seeing a doctor. does race really matter? maybe if i'm arab they wont let me see a doctor?

then again, maybe singapore is just keeping track of the different races around... cos she prides herself as being multiracial right? so you must have the statistics to prove it.

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