Saturday, March 27, 2004

[ 27032004 1.41am | ugh. ]

went to watch the eye 2 with joey and weiming.
weiming is really... he deserves a kok of the year award. come. let me quote some of his sayings of the day. this feels a little like "mel-moments" -grin-
"i really like good sound systems... good sound can give me like an artificial orgasm."
"i'm so irritating... uh? i mean, i'm so irritated... oops."

then. he comes over to my place, and we end up watching survivor and the new home with my parents.
after he leaves, i'm on the phone in my room, and my mum crashes into my room.
"tammy ah... i dont understand you youngsters... how can you one day go out with this guy, next day go out with another... weiming is a nice boy... you better not lead him on ah..."
then shes like... who are you talking on the phone with? weiming ah?
me: "..."

like... huh? weiming... defend yourself 吧.


weiming. says:-.-

weiming. says:ur mum is quite kok

sephora says:hahaha

sephora says:u can comment on that that too

weiming. says:wait lemme think of what to write

weiming. says:how embarassing

sephora says:hahahaha

sephora says:y?

sephora says:were u expecting that?

weiming. says:nope

weiming. says:i was expecting the usual weiming is a really nice boy why dont you consider him type of thing

weiming. says:heh.

sephora says:hahahah

weiming. says:beech!

weiming. says:i'm not embarassed

weiming. says:hm embrarass

sephora says:$%#$!Q

sephora says:hahaha


he is so nice he cant even call me a "bitch" back, outright.
and his spelling sucks.


and his response after reading all this is... :
weiming. says:
hey could you just step out of your house for a sec?
weiming. says:
i need to strangle you just for a moment

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