Saturday, March 06, 2004

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mich... ure always running off to dunno where... glad ure back... for a while... to scold me for being cheena.

yan... nice quote. which movie?

the 3 gaying guys on my tagboard : wm is thwacker. not mata. he is traumatised that u were unsure of his identity. if it helps, he was known as the wanker. thwacker. and. stop squeezing his ass man! u might get some weird germ... its preachie u noe.

essay's done. and i'm brain dead. i slept all afternoon. so i really cant sleep now.
i was sitting here thinking... hey, shouldnt i be out clubbing and all since i'm finally done with my midterm stuff and the like... then i realised... even if i was done with all that, i'm not done with my broken ankle. so. well.
tmls gonna be a nice slack day at home... yay. will use it to catch up on more work. i mean, since i'm out of action, i should use my energies elsewhere.
have to meet up with zy sometime... hmz. how ah. no leg.

oh my gosh, pls check this clip out. pls pls... its damn funny.
but i got a comment on it. person said he thinks that the clip was staged. as in, they did this for fun, not really to be broadcast. but watever, its damn funny.

does anyone actually understand what i'm blabbering about?

anyway, my AspI did damn well for his a's... so proud of him. i mean, come on... what can be better than 4a's, 2d's, a1 and b3?? results to die for!!

[edited] u see. this is how brain dead i am. i say "hey, go check out this site" then i forget to give u the url. <---

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