Saturday, March 13, 2004

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parents left for msia yesterday morning. had a pretty good day yest. =) went to cartel and stunk ourselves out then went off the shens place to watch a damn freaking funny american idol. after which, the 3 of us - ting shen i, went 7-11 hopping. went to 3 7-11's and a strange 24hr mamashop before we found our vodka mudshakes. yeah... 5% alcohol but i can still get pretty seh on it.

guess which drink is mine? lol...

before the drinking though, was the highlight of the night for me, and shen's nightmare. haha... cos... i drove her chao ji old bmw around her estate. wahahaha... damn fun...
even with my

now... u noe why shen was so panic

took damn stupid shots in the car, with the digi cam that always seems to be around nowadays when we go out...
heres our heineken ad shot...

and the 3 of us with a crutch.

sir... pls ah, dont call me skinny again and start telling me to eat more... cos i'm really putting on weight already.
o, and if i look a little strange in some of the photos, its cos i was concentrating on positioning the camera so that it could capture all of us nicely in the frame... not easy i can tell you. try taking a picture of youself by yourself, without using a timer lah...

anyway, heres another of my "in a cast™" analogies:
"children are like crutches... they really are a pain, and are always in the way... but in the end, you grow to love them and depend on them..."

to refresh your minds, my first "in a cast™" analogy was :
"walking around with a broken leg thinking its a sprain"

that aside, the stayover at shen's was... interesting to say the least. as always, when us gals gather, theres a long debate on relationships and a general exhanging and reiterating of our respective points.
i for one, have a theory that everyone must go through the stage of "perfection".
this stage is when you are with your first other half. perfection is still possible cos you are clean and innocent and well... innocent. theres a pressure to make it last, to live up to the romantic ideal of "the first and the last" or... the "one and only". in reality, how often does that happen? its takes a hell lot of communication on both sides, as well as a freaking lot of effort. plus, when you are totally inexperienced, you have no idea how to handle things. unless both parties can work things out together, and unless both parties are on equal ground with each other... theres no way things are gonna be "first time perfection".

then theres the "innocence lost" thing.
theres really a large difference in those who've been hurt before and those who havent been... i witnessed it last night. tings totally full of energy and bubbly and stuff... turn the camera around and you see someone whos just looking so tired and worn...
to look back on jc photos is a sort of pleasure pain. miss those days long gone, the carefree jump around everywhere kinda days... it was immeasureably fun... the perfect mix of work and play. the pain comes in when you remember that its an era of your life thats past. that the "you" then... is not the "you" now. and never will be again...

about the "you never realise what it was until its gone" thing...
thats tied in with innocence lost. its sad to see people have to grow up this way... its like... watching it happen to yourself again... and this, time, you can identify all the stages cos youve been through it, though you may not have realised that you have been through it til its over...

abit on ting's "nice guys finish last"
never gave this much thought, but what she wrote really makes sense.
"but there's something about bad guys.
how they scowl at the world but smile only at you.
how they are cool to all but warm only to you.
how they wouldnt care less about anyone, anything, but you."

so, sorry to all you good guys out there... like... weiming. haha... youre too nice. maybe you should take up a biker bad boy image, since uve gotten yourself a bike. *chuckle*

about : "defences"
what type are you?
1. the type who just immediately gives everything and is open to all kinds of hit and run injuries?
2. the type who has a wall around you, and is damn difficult to reach... but once the wall is down, you're forever devoted.

both are alike, in the way that they are fickle, or can be fickle. the first is the "taken easily by emotions" type, the second is the "you cant reach me, you have no hold on me" type. in these 2 stages, it is very likely, and easy for them to run off with someone else.
i think i should prefer the second. thats they type that is damn rewarding... you have to work on chiseling away the defences that has taken years to build up, the calloused heart, as one might say... no. 2's also the kind thats most likely to leave you wrecked though... so unless youre prepared for it...

a couple of nights ago, i was csing. yeah... i'm back on cs again, thanks to zhenyuan... and my sister came in and gave me a tight hug. i was like... "eh?"
and she was like... "you silly snow queen... i'm trying to melt your heart... you have to realise that life is better on the other side..."

the story of the snow queen... (for those not in the know)
there was once this snow queen who captured a little girl. the snow queen froze the little girl's heart so she became cold and unfeeling...
this little girl had a brother, and the brother was damn sad when she disappeared. so he looked everywhere for her. on his way, he was aided by little animals who told him that his sister was taken by the snow queen.
when he finally found her, she was so stone that he just couldnt reach her... he tried talking to her, touching her, looking at her... to no avail.
in desperation, he hugged her and cried warm tears all over her.
at this, the shards of coldness that the snow queen had put into her melted away and she became her old self.

yup. that was really abridged and altered. but in essence, thats what its about.
somehow reminds me of "the lion, the witch and the wardrobe"
okie. later. gotta do work.

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