Wednesday, March 24, 2004

[ 24032004 3.49am | weiming. ]

wm just left my house a short while ago. happy birthday again! although i already wished you (yesterday, 23032004) and although you already told me it wasnt particularly happy.
congrats on being the first person to read through my inbox, no mean feat considering i have 156 msgs there. treasure the experience, cos i dont think i'm gonna let anyone else catch me in my mad mood that lets ppl do that to my phone again.
you woke my chicken up on the way out... it was making alot of noise. but at least my sister's bitch was quiet. surprisingly.
and... success. you left earlier than the last time. haha...

if u ppl havent been seeing me online at night as much as usual, its cos i've been spending nights away from home, which means without my com too. mostly at Shen's house. which is so conveniently near to school... other than that... was a mich's house over the weekend. which was fun =)
last night at shen's was particularly fun. after i finished my work, and shen had finished dozing intermittently and being woken up by the people around her house --
(mum : your night become day, your day become night. wake up!
sis3 : ert... can i borrow ____
sis4 : see my doggy!! *bounce bounce* whee!
me : eh, u want me to wake you up not?
sis1 is the only one who left her alone...)

anyway. she finally woke up to watch the top model show and i sat in the room learning sign language from sis3 : shen lynn. its a Wesley Methodist Church course, so all the sign language i know has to do with praise and hymns. but its pretty alot. and its soo fun. its so cool... its a language, but not really a language.
(speaking of languages, kenn is into taking jap next sem too!)

after all that, we went to midnight curry with bala and leinad. hahaha... which was also damn fun. (hear that hanz? it was DAMN fun. all the more so cos there was 4 of us, which means only one thing... bridge!) ran into shaun there... who gave us a lift back in.
must remember to pass the ice pack back to leinad.
was playing bridge all afternoon in her clubhouse with them guys too. havent done that for eons man... not since a level / post a level break days...

zy, sorry. wm took up too much of my time... will frag with you. soon.


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