Friday, March 19, 2004

[ 19032004 1.50am | hair.and things. ]

i was looking at my pink fingers todae... pink cos the pen i was using leaked all over. and... was wondering that the hair on our fingers is for... i mean, come on... i really dont see a purpose in having hair THERE. its so out of place. just a few sprouts in the middle of no where... not like that area is under alot of attack. unless you wear rings lah. and i dont think it'll take the hurt out of a punch.
think i shall go shave them off.
hair on your toes is really out of point too.
if anyone can figure out what kinda use these random bunches of hair are for... let me know. just fingers and toes pls.
i mean, God created us... he must have a reason for positioning hair there.


sir is back. haha. o, sir, i didnt get u her world. i havent been mobile or rich enough. seriously. anyway, i think they are still selling! so go buy... haha... when we going out!!


my cast stinks.
2 more weeks. help.

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